Friday, July 31, 2015

Good morning, blogosphere.

I am finally doing it! I am starting a blog. I have toyed with the idea off and on for years. I am an avid blog reader. There are a few blogs that I have faithfully read for 6+ years. It wasn't till recently that I seriously considered starting a blog of my own. For the longest, I felt like I really didn't have anything to say. I read primarily lifestyle and fashion blogs. That space is very crowded these days. It seems like every girl you meet is trying to become the next Internet sensation. That is incredibly intimidating. Even with the fierce competition, there seems to be such a community feeling that is associated with blogging. It is like a super awesome club full of really interesting people. I finally have mustered up enough courage to attempt to join in. It's like the first day of school all over again!

Other than wanting to be a part of this pretty cool community, I am hoping that this blog will serve as a form of external motivation for me. I am notorious for just letting projects sit unfinished or worse, not ever started. I get the most done when I have a fast approaching deadline. It is like how you somehow manage to clean your whole house in the last 15 minutes before your guests arrive. That external pressure works wonders for my productivity. So hopefully, posting about projects or ideas will motivate me to get them done.

So a little about me. My name is Joanna. I am married to a pretty great guy and mom to a little baby boy and fur child. Yes, I am a crazy dog mom. She is a Jack Russel Terrier and she will always be my first born. We live in Georgia. Some of my favorite things include GOOD coffee, Gilmore girls, traveling, and home decor.

About the blog name. I love to wear stripes. It's my by go to pattern. They are classy and simple. They are what I want my life to be. Sadly, life is usually busy, slightly chaotic and generally messy. When I throw on a striped shirt, though, it lifts my mood. It is something simple and elegant that elevates the entire outfit. It makes me want to rearrange my kitchen counters and get that laundry off the floor. A little adjustment and attention to detail can go a long way and I need to be reminded of that often.

So I hope you enjoy checking in every once in a while. Let's see where this adventure takes us.

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