Wednesday, January 25, 2017


This sums up my mood right now. Cozy and a little lazy.

It seems a little late to write a 2017 post when January is almost over. It has taken me this long to wrap my head around the fact that it is a new year. Between my family being here, pregnancy, and just general business, I really hadn't taken the time to sit and reflect on what I wanted 2017 to look like.
After mulling it over a little, the thought I kept coming back to was transition. I feel like I am in a weird holding pattern till these babies are born. Almost like the beginning of the year will actually come after they are are born. My internal clock is waiting for them to start the countdown.
Our family is transitioning. We're going from three to five in a matter of weeks. I'm still wrestling with what I want to my day to day life look like as a stay-at-home mom. I want something concrete but it is way too soon to even begin to nail down anything. There are so many variables that I need to work through before I get any idea of what life is actually going to look like.
I am trying to be very mindful of the daily decisions that I make. It's the little decisions and everyday tasks that move life forward. I don't want to my lack of intentionality to lead me down a path I didn't intend to take. Also, any growth that I want to see is only going to come from little daily increments of effort. Trying to keep that in forefront of my mind helps me to prioritize my daily and weekly activities. It also helps alleviate some of my task oriented tunnel vision which I am very prone to get. I want to keep the big picture in front of me so that I can do a better job in my daily decision making process.
All of that to say, 2017 is going to be a year of change, both big and small. I definitely don't have a clear vision of what it's going to look like but I am resolved to just take it one step at a time and make the most every moment that I have.

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