Friday, March 18, 2016


Thank. Goodness. It's. Friday. This has been one full week. I know I talked a lot about work  last week but that just seems to be the trend in my life right now. Work and the weather. I snapped this photo in our backyard yesterday (edited with A Color Story, still singing it's praises!). The time change and the sunshine are much needed mood boosters. We are taking full advantage of the mild temperatures before the blazing heat of summer sets in.
Sometimes, the best thing I can when I get overly stressed is to just walk away. Obviously, this tactic doesn't work if you have a deadline bearing down on you (hello, college midterms. I'm looking at you!) but usually, in my life and job, I have enough wiggle room to take a small break. It has to be real break. Not a jump-on-Instagram break, but a true disconnect. Working out and being outside have provided me great opportunities for clear my head.
If I can't get away from the problem completely, then it is generally best just to move on to another task. Usually, I will pick something small that I know I can accomplish. That little win and feeling of success will usually motivate me to tackle the original problem again, this time with more confidence and a clearer head.
Sometimes, though, I am just stuck and no amount of mental trickery is going to help. Then it is time to call it day. Sleep on it, mull it over, and attack it first thing tomorrow. That was how I felt on Tuesday. I let myself get pushed into overwhelmed-land and the only thing left to do was retreat. Trying to stay focussed on the problem and fix it was only leading to more fear and emotion. Critical thinking had already left so it was time to pack it up and just retreat for awhile. The next day, was a million times better. The problem I had been wrestling with seemed so much more manageable after a little time apart. Hopefully next time I will do a better job of not letting myself get to that overwhelmed state.

Anyone else get these overwhelmed feelings? Like there is a hive of bees swarming in your head?

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  1. Yes! Everyday. LOL. But I am learning how beneficial a mini-retreat can be. Creativity does not live in an overcrowded mind and I know it's hard for me to recognize promptings from the Holy Spirit in that condition. Thank you for the reminder! :)