Friday, June 3, 2016

Happy National Donut Day

It's a special day in our house. It's National Donut Day! Well, any day that gives me an excuse to eat a donut is special in my book. Side note: when did all of these national days start happening? Have they always been around or did they just pop up so we could post themed pictures on Instagram?
Either way, I had a donut and it was nice. I'm really looking forward to this weekend   There is going to be some much needed relaxation happening. Maybe even a little trip to the pool. 

Before I sign off, I wanted to throw this out here. On Snapchat (wearstripes) I mentioned that I was trying to not bite my nails the entire month of June. It's been three days and so far so good. I really want to kick this nail biting habit. Fingers crossed that June is the month! 

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