Friday, May 27, 2016

Five Things I Want To Learn About

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Today is the day to learn something new. 
I would consider myself a curious person. I enjoy learning things. Honestly, I kind of enjoy being a know-it-all. The word most frequently used by my husband to describe me is pedantic. He mainly likes to use it because it also double as a Midnight in Paris reference, a movie which we both have watched easily 60+ times. One thing I have started to miss as I have aged is going to school. I have pretty much always enjoyed school. I especially loved college. There is something really enjoyable about listening to an lecture. At least for me there is. Now that I am older, I have to be more intentional about learning new things. I don't have the obligation of going to class everyday so I have to bring the classroom to myself.  So in the spirit of positive peer pressure, here are five things I want to learn about. Please feel free to ask me about them in the future. Hopefully, I will have actually done some reading and will have to new information to share. 

1. Gardening: We have a little garden right now but I really feel like I don't know enough about agriculture in general. I want to get a better grasp of the subject so that we can up our gardening game. 

2. Productivity: I have really gotten into the Work By Design Summit primarily because of the focus on productivity. I have really enjoyed listening to the different speakers talk about all the research behind productivity. I want to dive into it a little deeper, especially the idea of biological prime time. I think it could potentially have huge repercussions on how I work and schedule my day. 

3. German: Really, this is more a relearn situation. I had a couple of opportunities to use my German when we were in Florida and it solidified how much I have forgotten. I need to get it back. 

4. Culinary skills: I would love to improve upon my culinary knowledge. I think improving my very humble cooking skills could improve the quality of my cooking as well as lead to more inspiration and variation in the dishes I make. 

5. Nutrition: To kind of go along with the cooking/food theme, I wish I was more knowledgeable about nutrition. I feel like I know bits and pieces about thing but definitely not enough to make me any type of real reference. It would be very helpful to have deeper, more solid foundation in this subject, especially since there are so many conflicting headlines that fight for attention. 

 I guess I better start reading. 

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