Friday, September 2, 2016

A Chill In The Air

The air in Georgia actually isn't that chilly but Hurricane Hermine has brought in some clouds and rain. In honor of September being here and pumpkin everything starting, I thought I would go back through my old photos and pull some of my favorite autumn memories.
I love doing seasonally appropriate things. The perfect example is the pumpkin spice latte. I refuse to drink a PSL while wearing shorts. Something just feels wrong doing fall things in summer attire. That usually means that I am the last one to put out pumpkins or bust out the boots. September in Georgia is pretty much just a barely cooler version of August. So while everyone else jumps on the fall train, I will calmly wait till the temperatures drop and the leaves start to change.
Even still, I am getting excited to do all of those fun seasonal things here soon. I see some corn mazes and pumpkin carving in the future.

Do you have any seasonal traditions? Are you neurotic about seasonal appropriateness like me? No? Oh well.. 

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