Friday, September 23, 2016


(Waiting On Martha)
This was one of the longest weeks ever. Monday felt long. Tuesday seemed to drag. Thursday felt like it would never end. To say, I am happy that it is Friday is the understatement of the year. I am hoping to go into the weekend with a renewed sense of productivity. Sometimes knocking out a few little things on Saturday and Sunday motivate me to get stuff during the week. A little jolt of hard work may be just what I need to hit the ground running on Monday.
So to round off this sluggish week, I thought I would leave you with a quick list of a few things that are brightening my days even when I feel like a sloth.

1. This made me feel pretty special.
2. Rebecca is super cool and this article might have alleviated some of my hesitation about doing something more dramatic with my hair.
3. The new J.Crew catalog. It's always gorgeous plus, this month they were in Amsterdam!
4. I nearly died laughing listening to Chris Loves Julia this week. Julia was talking about her childhood love affair with cleaning is radio/podcast gold.

Have a great weekend!

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