Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Blues

Merry Christmas! Sorry for the radio silence. We have been busy, busy with get togethers and being lazy bums. The post Christmas blues have set in. If you haven't noticed by now, I have a bit of an existential, angsty streak. Usually, I channel it into gloomy music and chocolate consumption but now I have blog so it is funneled here. Like I have said before, I love the Christmas season, however, I don't particularly care for Christmas day. I am remember as I kid, wondering why everyone seemed to be happier and more excited about Christmas day than me. The excitement from ripping opening packages seemed to dissipate much quicker from my soul than it did for my siblings. It used to bug me but as I grew and matured, I just assumed that it was a part of my personality and kind of brushed it off. So what if I don't get that excited on Christmas morning? I have a ton of fun leading up to it and I can be happy with that. It wasn't till this year after listening to the first two parts of this teaching series did I really come to grip with my melancholy nature. The lectures are on Ecclesiastes, which is like the Intro to Philosophy book of the Bible. It deals with the meaningless nature of life. (Sorry that I am a creating a downer here, hang with me.) I can't really explain it so I really have to suggest that you listen to it. I finally have a peace about being a little down on Christmas day. The hype is fun and I love getting into the spirit but in the end it is ok to be a little sad. If you ever feel like you can't "enjoy" life like everyone around you, I highly recommend you listen to all five parts. It will be a breath of fresh air to your soul. 
Sorry for the tangential rant. 

Merry (blue) Christmas! 

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