Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Checklist

Every year, I have somewhat overly romantic ideas of what I am going to do for Christmas. Usually they involved carefully cards, homemade ornaments, cozy Christmas movie viewing sessions and the list goes on. I just really want to make the most of season and there seems to be a lot of pressure to really get into the Christmas spirit. This year, I am trying to take a more laid back approach and just enjoy the little festivities that come along with the holiday. Here is my mini of things I would like to accomplish and enjoy this Christmas.

1. Pick out and decorate tree. Check!
2. Take a family Christmas photo
3. Watch White Christmas
4. Find a good Advent Bible reading plan for our calendar
5. Send out Christmas cards

Hopefully, I will be able to accomplish the entire list, but if I don't it is ok. Christmas will be just fine either way.

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