Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Amateur Hour

My little sister looking all professional
As I mentioned in my first post, part of the reason I started this blog was to serve as a form of external motivation. I am HORRIBLE at completing projects. It is not that I am too busy or my schedule is too full. I just do not always to do the best job at prioritizing my time. I always get everything that I NEED to do done, but I do not necessarily make time for the little extra things. In this case, I am talking about photography.

Photography is something that I have always wanted to be good at. For longest time, I was just scared to put myself out there. I was concerned that if I told people that I wanted to be into photography that they would judge me or something. It is interesting that sometimes the main thing that holds me back is not an actual hurdle or obstacle, but what other people might think. Plus, who are these "other" people anyways? The mini moral of the story is, I was too self conscious to pursue something that I was interested in. Pretty lame, if you ask me. So after finally realizing that I should not let the feelings of others define my personal pursuits, I broke down and bought a camera. Well, actually my husband dragged me to Brandsmart and forced me to buy a camera. He watched me agonize for months over which model was best, which brand was most well received etc. I get buyer's remorse very easily, a fact he knows well. I need that extra push to pull the trigger. I am incredibly thankful that he forced my hand. I probably would still be reading reviews if it was not for him. I settled on a Canon 70D. I love it. It feels great. I am slowly overcoming my fear of carrying it around in public. It is not the biggest camera ever but it definitely looks out of place next to someone snapping a pic with an iPhone. However, the excitement and joy I have from taking pictures and learning about the camera is definitely outweighing any nervous feelings I have.

Over the weekend I got together with a few people to have an informal tutorial session with a friend who is very good at photography. It was a blast! We practiced shooting manually and adjusting a variety of settings. It was exactly the experience I needed to boost my confidence. It was also incredibly helpful to be able to ask questions and get help from a live person. I am currently going through the A Beautiful Mess DSLR Basics class which is great but I needed a little face to face time with a photographer to help fill in some of the holes.

I just wanted to share some of the shots from our session. Keep me accountable, folks! I want to improve my skills and better way than through posting stuff here!

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