Friday, August 21, 2015

Happy Friday!

The weekend is almost here and it feels so good. We are still recovering from this horrible cold here. I am pretty much over it but my husband is really struggling. We have been diffusing like crazy. The house smells like spa but looks a little like a dump. I have not had much energy to clean. Hopefully, with my strength returning, I will get on that.
I would like these Friday posts to serve as a week in review/what I am into lately/parenting ups and downs mash up. A post that brings a bunch of not quite big enough posts together. We will see how it goes.

LOVING: I am currently head over heels in love with Happy Mail from A Beautiful Mess. Run, don't walk to sign up. I am a little late to the game. I am avid reader of Elsie's and Emma's blog and I do not know why I did not do this sooner. I have sent so many cards already and this is only my second month! I love it.

WATCHING: Um, everything. No, not really but kind of, but mostly Seinfield. We do not have cable so we watch everything on Netflix or Hulu. Now that all of Seinfield is now on Hulu I am pretty much set for life.
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PARENTING: This week was a little on the rough side. After our return from Disney, the little guy was resisting taking naps at home. He would sleep at my mother in-law's house but not in his own bed. Weirdly, this only applied to daytime naps. He was still sleeping for 8-10 hours through the night in his crib. I was perplexed. At first, I catered too him because I was sick and could not devote my full effort to solving the problem. Once I started getting better, though, I attacked it with full force. It was a little rough but he is thankfully back to taking daytime naps in his own crib. Some are better and longer than others but I am thankful that we are finding our rhythm again.
I have started trying to encourage some "self directed play." Not that a 2 month old can do much but I am trying to not let him become too dependent on me or anyone else for entertainment. My sisters LOVE to be right in his face playing with him so he gets a lot of that during the week, while they here. While we are at home, I try to let him play by himself with me working on different tasks close by. It seems to be working. He cannot go for a long time on his own but I am hoping that even just doing it a little will be helpful for developing a strong imagination and contentment. We shall see...

On that note, I will leave you with this little piece of happiness.

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