Monday, August 24, 2015

Memory Keeping

(made withe Project Life App)

I have always loved scrapbooking but I am horrible about actually completely a project. I have some hilarious scrapbooks from middle school and high school. They are filled with blurry, poorly lit photos and random memorabilia. Part of me wants to throw them out because they are so bad but the other part tells me to keep them around. They are precious memories even if they are a little embarrassing. 

To fulfill my desire to be creative, take more pictures and document my life, I started using Project Life. I really love the physical paper products and the page protector system. I did a good bit of scrapbooking that way over the last two years. The problem for me was printing the photos. I really wanted to do a combination of 4x6 and 4x3 photos in my pages. I would inevitably order the wrong size or a would have a bunch of photos left over that did not fit together well in a layout. I wanted to get able to test and try out different layouts and photo arrangements but that is kind of hard when you have already printed your photos. That is why I was so excited when Becky Higgins released the Project Life App. It allows me arrange and rearrange photos to my hearts content. Plus, you can purchase additional layout options in the app that allow to do small square photo spreads as well as large photo centric layouts like the one above. The other nice things is I can get my dose of creativity without having to spend any money. I get to play around with my pictures and "cards" but I do not have to spend a lot to do it. I can save up and print a lot of pages all at once which is really nice. 
It also allows me to combine pictures from my iPhone and my camera. I simply upload everything to my Dropbox account and access them via the app. It is especially nice when I am scrapbooking trips where I have a lot of photos on each device. 
Even though I would still really like to do some more physical scrapbooking, the Project Life App fits my current needs and allows to be creative on the go, without a lot supplies. 
If anyone is looking for a easy way to document their life, this is the way to go!

Any other scrapbookers out there? How do you document your life?

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