Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Been There, Pinned That

(via pinterest)
I am currently recovering from a nasty cold which means I have been spending way to much on the couch browsing social media (ok, and binging on Netflix. But season 8 of Dr. Who is out!!) My go to time-waster after Instagram is Pinterest. It's just a perfect world of pretty pictures, inspiring recipes, and home decor goodness. I know some people can get down on Pinterest and the idea that it leads many to believe that they are somehow unworthy if their life is not "pin-worthy." While I understand and sympathize with that idea, it does not affect me strongly enough to stop browsing. To each his own, and if you do feel this way, no judgement. You do what you got to do. 

Here are some the most lust-worthy pins that I am currently drooling over. 
(via pinterest)
I kind of really want pink hair. Maybe yes?
(via pinterest)
The mom I envision myself being...
(via pinterest)
Shamelessly on board with the whole pineapple trend 
(via pinterest, a J. Crew ad)

J. Crew does it again! Give it all to me...

( via pinterest, seems to be originally from this Instagram)

Pretty much sums it up... 
Are you a Pinterest-aholic? Do you forgo the pins? Somewhere in between? Let me know. 

Feel free to follow me on Pinterest for more pinspiration (ok, i'll stop it with the puns). 

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