Monday, August 31, 2015

An Ode To Lady Pup

My little dog goes by many names. We call her Lady Pup, Little Pup, Little P, Puptastic etc, but her true "God-given" name is Lady Mary. Yes, we named our dog after a Downton Abbey character. We got Lady Mary in 2012. Little did we know that we were not just getting a dog, we were getting another piece of our family.
 Scott had hunting dogs before we got married but through a couple of unfortunate events we were left dogless for a while. I really did not want a dog. I especially did not want a large, outside dog. I thought that if we were to get one, I would want something like a morkie or some other small cutesie breed.  Scott initially suggested a Jack Russell Terrier after playing with a coworker's dog. I was hesitant. Jack Russell's can be hyper and yappy. I was did not want a dog that was crazy. I continued to research them and decided to look around for places to get them. Once I decided that we were indeed going to get a Jack Russell, it was just a few weeks before we had one. We picked Lady Mary up from the cargo drop of the airport. She was precious. So tiny and nervous. She sat in my lap the entire way back. I could easily hold her in my cupped hands. My tiny little baby.
I initially said that she was going to be a crate sleeper. Well, after two nights of pathetic crying, she was sleeping the bed and she had slept there ever since. That event really solidified our relationship. She went from being just a puppy to our little baby. Nothing will test your relationship like middle of the night potty breaks. You are essentially sleep-depriving yourself for an animal. It can go really bad or end up really good. Thankfully, she was trained very quickly and we had a wonderful little addition to the family.
Ever since we got her, she has been my little buddy. Every morning while I drink my coffee, she snuggles with me. She follows me around the house as I go about my day. She was and is my little shadow. Even as I am typing this she is sleeping on the couch not even a foot away from me. I never thought of myself as a "dog person." I have always known that I was NOT a
"cat person" but I never thought I was such a lover of dogs. This little girl has shown me how much I can love an animal. It is hard to describe.
I was a little nervous about how she would adapt to baby. Lady Mary was our "baby" for almost 3 years. She pretty much had our undivided attention when we were at home. It was going to be a shock to her system. She has done amazingly well. Our little guy is her baby. She wants to be right beside him all the time. She is very protective of him. She is always on "high alert" when he is around, guarding him from all the "dangers." We are still working on reigning in some of behavior. She wants to lick him ALL THE TIME. It is cute watching her bring him her ball. I do not think she realizes that he cannot actually throw it.
I cannot wait to watch them grow together.

Are you a dog person? Cat person? Crazy pet mom?

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