Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Working On My Fitness

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I am not a health nut by any stretch of the imagination. I played sports in high school and I enjoy being active but I am not extremely motivated to workout. That would be ok if I was still sixteen, but the truth is I am aging and getting weaker. I do not have the luxury of youth much longer (dramatic, much?). I need to get motivated not only for my own health but also for my family's health. Staying motivated is hard. Here are somethings that I do to keep myself moving. 
Where do I turn when I need motivation? Pinterest, of course! My fitness board is not very large but it is my go to when I need that little push to get myself off the couch. I think I am going to try and get into kettlebells. It seems like something that my husband and I can do together.
I also enjoy being active with other people. Lately, my family has been playing a lot of pickleball. It is this weird hybrid of tennis and ping pong. It is a lot fun and is a great way to move around and hang out with people. 

The main thing that I am trying to work on is having a more active lifestyle. I am not going to choose to go on a walk if it is just up to me. I need a social component. I am working to create healthier, more active habits. That really is the key to getting in shape. I am working on trading time binge watching shows for walks at the park. Changing up those small things can make a huge difference. 
I am also debating getting a some sort of fitness tracker. I have not pulled the trigger yet. If anyone has one, would you mind letting me know which one you have and why you chose it? I am looking for something that motivates me and will log a variety of activities. 

How do you stay motivated to be healthy?

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