Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Wrap/Round Up

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While fall has officially arrived on the calendar, it is still pretty warm around here. September is such a weird month in Georgia. I am ready for sweaters and boots! However, in the spirit of weather appropriate dressing, I will not pack away all my shorts and sandals quite yet. 

Here are some things that have been on my mind lately:

1. Fourth Quarter Goals: I like setting goals for myself but sometimes I am too vague with the timeline in which these goals should be accomplished. I am going to try out a quarter system for my more immediate goals. The fourth quarter starts next week. Here is what I want to accomplish before the end of December.
  • Completely read one book: It may seem like a small task but I have not made reading a priority lately. It is hard to sit down and read when I know there is 15 other things I could/should be doing in. I need to read more, though, for my sanity and for the mental exercise. The book that I going to try to read is Shepherding a Child's Heart. It is a parenting book my mom left for me. It should be very interesting. 
  • Paint hallway and guest room: If I can get these two areas painted, I will have successfully painted half of the house. This would be a HUGE improvement. 
  • Finish baby room: The baby room is painted and the floors have been replaced, but it is a mess. There is not a lot of organization and there is no decor. I really want to get his room done before the end of the year so I can actually enjoy it. No more ugly rooms! That's my new motto. 
2. Baby outfits: I am loving putting together little outfits for my little guy. I did not think I would get that into it actually, especially since boy clothes do not have a lot of variety. Surprisingly, I really enjoy picking out his clothes everyday. I get to do it a lot because he is very messy and gross baby so he gets a lot of outfit changes. 

3. Bangs: Yep, I am taking the plunge and getting bangs again. This comes at the request of Scott but I am pretty excited about it too. Should be an interesting change. I have been pinning a lot inspiration. We will see how they turn out. 

Well, those are few things that are oing on around the house. I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

P.S. I can't decide on the name for this post. Wrap up or round up? Hmmm.... what do you think??

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