Monday, September 28, 2015

Over the Weekend: Flourless Chocolate Cake

During one of our meals at Disney, I had a flourless chocolate cake for dessert. It was AMAZING. So when I was hit by a major chocolate craving on Saturday, that was all I wanted. I found this recipe on It seemed simple enough and I already had all of the ingredients which was a plus. Since I was going to be baking, I decided to pull out my DSLR and practice some food photography. I am really trying to up my manual shooting game. It is a slow process but I am enjoying the challenge. Food photography can come across as frivolous. People make comments about taking pictures of food verses actually enjoying it. Wherever you stand on the food photography "debate." you cannot die that the pictures can be stunning. My photos are definitely not there yet, but hopefully one day they will be.

It does not count as a good photo session if LM or baby do not show up.

All photos shot with Canon 70D
edited with VSCO

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