Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Round Up

Happy Friday! This week has been a whirlwind. I am officially back at work, my baby has his first cold and our church small groups started up. There are so many things on our plate this Fall but I am looking forward to pretty much all of it. I actually took this picture last Friday or Saturday but I wanted to share it here. Summer is leaving and Fall is on its way! I cannot wait for the temps to stay cool throughout the day. Plus, once I can start wearing closed toed shoes and jeans that means it is plenty justifiable to hop on board will the Fall themed treats. Pumpkin spice lattes here I come!

1. MORE FRUITS AND VEGGIES PLEASE: I have been feeling kind of "blah" lately. I have fallen off the healthy eating bandwagon. Not that I am chowing down on donuts and fast foods 24/7. I just have not had enough fruits and vegetables in my life and I can feel the toll that it takes. Enter the whole smoothies/juice. I have a Blendtec and I love making fruit and veggie juices with it. The above drink has pears, an orange, a beet, some romaine lettuce and frozen strawberries. Crazy good and super beautiful.

2. Snotty noses: Like I mentioned above, our little guy has his first cold right now. He sounds like a little bulldog the way his is snorting and snotting all over the place. We have been using the NoseFrida A LOT. It is kind of gross but it works really well. Combine that with some saline spray and some Boogie Wipes and you have the strong combo for attacking baby noses.

3. YHL is back! One of my all-time favorite blogs Young House Love has been silent for a YEAR and now they are back with an update. I need to listen to the podcast they linked to in their most recent post. I really want to go their meet and greet for the newest book. We shall see...

Anyone have some exciting weekend plans? Any smoothies in the near future?

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