Monday, August 17, 2015

Sisters, Sisters

The main reason we took this trip was to take my two littlest sisters to Walt Disney World. It would have been a pretty ridiculous decision to a 2 month old to Disney for any other reason. But for them, I was willing to make the sacrifice. I am 15 years older than my youngest sister. It a lot of ways I am more like a really fun aunt than a sister. Not  only am I much older but I also spent a good deal of their lives away, either at boarding school during high school or at college. The youngest one was a week old before I saw her when I got home for Christmas break. Despite the age difference and the physical distance we have stayed pretty close. I have always tried really hard to spend an extra special amount of time with each one because I get to see them so rarely. I try to be extra intentional because I know there is a lot that I am missing out on. This is was a huge motivating factor for taking this trip. 

Surprisingly, the sister I grew the most with over this trip was not the 11 year-old or the 9 year-old. It was my 16 year-old sister. I left for boarding school when she was 5 years old. Obviously, a 14 year-old and 5 year-old do not have that much in common so I really did not "know" her that well when I left. I guess I was not as intentional back then because I feel like a missed getting to her know for all of those years. I was already in college when she started high school and I was not home regularly so we did not have a ton of physical interaction for several years. This summer is one the longest times I have spent with her since high school. It has been like getting to know a whole new person.

This trip was precious for that reason. Not only did I get to thoroughly enjoy my two littlest sisters as they had a blast, but I got to spend some significant quality time with my middle sister. It is exciting when your siblings get older. Your friendship with them can deepen and become so much more than a sibling relationship. I am looking forward to seeing where ours is headed. 


  1. It's hard having family that you don't see very often. Seems like you are a great sister by taking them to Disney World. Any kid would love to go there. :]

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