Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Baby Gear: 0-3 Months

I wanted to do a quick round up of the baby items that we use the most. When I was registering, I knew I wanted to take a more minimalist approach. These are the items that I get used most frequently or have been the most useful.

1. Wubbanub pacifier: This is the most beloved pacifier. It was a gift from a family friend and it is awesome. The little guy loves to play with it and hold it as he sucks away. He started off taking a Mam pacifier and now he only wants Jimmy the Frog (yes, we named the pacifier).

2. Marpac Dohm-NSF: The Official Sound Conditioner: At first, I was hesitant about using a white noise machine. I did not want him to become dependent on one to sleep. My pediatrician recommended using one and now I would not think of not having it. His room is just off of our living room and noise travels very easily. This machine allows us to watch TV, talk, clean etc. without any fear of him being startled awake by a loud noise. It also is works well for traveling. We had him in our room when we traveled to Texas and Disney World. The white noise worked great to drown out any extra noise and help him sleep in unfamiliar places.

3. Gripe Water: BEST. STUFF. EVER. The poor, little guy gets hiccups a lot. This stuff knocks them out quick.

4. Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets: These are wonderful. They are so soft and thin but very warm. He is a little too squirmy now to stay swaddled in them but they work well as just regular blankets too.

5. Assorted Swaddle Gear: I have a couple of different styles and brands of swaddles. There are two different kinds shown above. My favorite of the two is the white Halo SleepSack Two-in-One. The green Summer SwaddleMe is ok and I use it, but it is definitely not my favorite. The main thing is it is worth registering for a couple of different kinds of these swaddles so you can figure out which one you and your baby like best.

6. The Wrap by Solly Baby: If you want to get into baby wearing, check this out. It is comfortable, cute and very easy to use. I have two and I love them. They are wonderful for consoling a cranky baby as well as just a great way to have your hands free.

7. AngelCare Monitor : This is something that I initially was very hesitant about. It is a big ticket item. Now that I have used it, I am extremely thankful to have it. The AngelCare monitor detects the baby's breathing. If the baby stops breathing, it blasts a quick loud sound to try and startle him. If that does not work and the monitor is still unable to detect any movement, it sounds an alarm to alert you. We put our little guy in his crib from day one and this allowed me to have a greater peace of mind about it.

So those are the things I use the most. Hopefully, the information will prove helpful to some future and current moms out there.

What is your go-to baby item? Are your a minimalist of a maximalist when it comes to baby stuff?

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