Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Wrap Up

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Yesterday got the better of me. I had a wonderful post planned but it did not get written. I will have it ready for Monday, though. It is all about my sweet pup! Here is a quick snapshot from Target yesterday. It takes great will power to not buy EVERYTHING in the school/office supply section. Everything there is so lovely and I want it all. 
Here are some things that I am reading, watching, loving as we go into the weekend. 

1. This interview with Carly A. Heitlinger of The College Prepster. Carly is one of my favorite bloggers. I love her career focussed content. She offers an interesting perspective into life of twenty-somethings career-centric women.

2. ABM had a livestream last night. Livestreams are a great way to get to know your favorite bloggers in a more real way. Emma and Elsie never disappoint. They are hilarious and real. It feels like you are actually have a real life conversation with them. 

3. Master Chef and America's Next Top Model: my two "reality" TV guilty pleasures. I am currently watching them on Hulu. 

4. My dad suggested this book after he and my mom went on a spiritual renewal retreat earlier this summer. I read a chapter of it and it relates a lot to what I talked about in this post. Hopefully, I will actually read all of it and I can do a recap on it later. 

Lastly, in honor of #nationaldogday earlier this week...

Have a great weekend!

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