Thursday, October 8, 2015

All The Places You'll Go

Part of my budgeting plan right now is preparing for a trip for my sister's high school graduation. She goes to boarding school in Germany, the same one that my brother and I attended. Scott has never visited and I am really looking forward to showing him around. The trip is still two years out but I cannot stop daydreaming about it. We both love to travel and I am exciting to introduce baby to the joys of traveling. We are hoping to make it an extended vacation, so I am researching and reviewing all the different things we could possible do and see. Rick Steves is my go to travel guy. His show on PBS (which we watch on Hulu) will transport you all over Europe. He has great tips for getting the most out of your money while still having a rich travel experience. He can be kind of cheesy and loves a good pun but that is why we love him. His show is great and his website is very informative. 
I also love watching Anthony Bourdain's shows for a more food-centric travel experience. No Reservations  is great for uncovering the food history of the area. He makes me want to be adventurous and eat everything.  
It is still a long way off but I cannot wait for our European adventure! I will just have to be content looking at pretty pictures and making plans until then. 

Do you like to travel? Where is your next big adventure? 
For more travel related inspiration, check out my pinterest account. I am always pinning lustworthy travel images. 

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