Monday, October 5, 2015

Over the Weekend: Downpour

It has rained almost nonstop for 4 days. I do not think the ground can hold any more water. This hurricane has been no joke. This weekend was great. We visited with some friends, had some chill time, and just got the chance to recharge. It was just what we needed. On Sunday, I made homemade pizza. It was so good. I love making my own sauce. It has a much deeper flavor than anything you can buy at the store. As a part of our "Total Money Makeover," we are not eating out at all this month. That means no delivery pizza here. I think it will be a good exercise in restraint as well as a big eye opener. Eating out is definitely a money suck. It will be interesting to review how we did budget-wise at the end of the month.
Enjoy the snapshots from this weekend.
And, yes, I got bangs.

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