Thursday, October 29, 2015

Costumes Past

Halloween 2013, The first character to die in an 80s camp horror movie

I have never met a dress up event I did not like. I live for costume parties. With Halloween just a few days away, I decided to do a recap of some of my favorite past costumes. All of the ensembles are either self-made and cobbled together from items in my closet or borrowed from friends. 

The Little Mermaid 2009

 An Oreo (plus J. Biebs), 2010
 The Princess Bride, 2009
 Dexter and DeeDee, 2007ish
 Homeschoolers out on the town, 2008
Black and White themed party, 2008

There are more but these are a few of favorites. I am still have a bit of sewing to do for this years costume. Fingers crossed that I get it all finished. I hope you enjoyed the blast from the past!

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