Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Working With Baby

While I was pregnant, I was very adamant about that fact that I was going to return to work post-delivery. Just because I was having a baby did not mean that I was going to stay at home forever. No way, Jose! The thought was almost absurd. Why, would having a baby change the fact that I wanted to work?
Well, I had said baby. I took off about 14 weeks and now I am back at work. I am working part time and since I work for a small family business, I can bring the little guy with me. I am super thankful and glad to be back. I am very content with my current situation. I know that I have it significantly easier than almost anyone out there and I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity. 
The thing weird is, I was not discontent when I was at home. I thought that I would be ready to go back out of boredom. I was sure that I would be tired of being home. Maybe it is my hermit nature or maybe the whole maternal instinct was kicking in, but I was not going stir crazy at home. I think the weirdest but most fortunate thing about the situation is now I know I can do both. I can stay home if I need to or I can work. Both are good and I am happy doing either. 
Ultimately, I think my obstinate ideas and opinions pre-baby were coming from a place of uncertainty. I did not want, and still do not, want a baby to change everything about who I am. In reality, my life has simply expanded. I still have the same interests and ambitions. Those core ideals have not changed rather new things have been added. It is a liberating feeling. That pre-baby uncertainty has been replaced with a much more stable frame of mind. It feels good. 

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