Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Grind

Whew. Is it Friday yet? No, just Wednesday? Wow. This week has been full already. Work is slammed. I am trying to stay on top of my little homemaker duties. I finally made it to the grocery store yesterday so there is fresh food in the house. We are making progress with our "Total Money Makeover." My head feels full. It is probably dehydration. I do not do well about drinking water when I get too busy.
Being an adult is rough. Life is rough. Work is rough. Parenting is rough. Sometimes I feel like I am being pulled in a million different directions. However, in the middle of the grind of daily life, sometimes the best thing you can do is take a little step back. I had to do that this morning. Perspective is an amazing thing. It is like one of those illusions where first you see an old hag but then if you let your eyes refocus you see the beautiful lady. That is how I have to look at the daily tasks. If I let myself get bogged down, all I see is a million things to do. Taking a step back lets me breath, refocus, and better attack the problem. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I feel accomplished. Drinking a big glass of water (followed by a big cup of coffee) also helps.
So, here is to Wednesdays and getting stuff done.

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