Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Wrap Up

(via jones design company, found on pinterest)

I am squeezing this post in under the wire. This Friday has been all out of sorts. After a VERY fitful night of very little rest and lots of crying from baby, I was no spirits to get much done. However, I somehow got a a second wind this evening. Maybe it is the rooibos tea, maybe it is the Gilmore girls, either way I have the energy and I did not want to leave the anybody hanging. BTW, how cute is this picture? It is actually a free printable. I might just have to download this thing and slap in a frame.

So yeah, things from this week...

1. Adele is back! My old roommate sent me the new video. It is so great! I cannot wait to see what else Adele has in store. 

2. Speaking of Gilmore girls, did everyone see this article?! If this does not actually happen, I will die. 

I wish I had something else to round out the list but my energy is fading fast.

Have a great weekend!

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