Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Wrap Up

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Another week in the books. It started off kind of crazy with some pretty heavy rain. I thought I was going to need a boat to get to work. Thankfully, it has passed and we are left with just a drizzle. Work was crazy but good. I cleared a ton of stuff out of our bedroom, which has been on my to-do list FOREVER. Yeah, for progress!
So let's wrap this week up, shall we?

1. I have not bitten my nail for THREE WHOLE WEEKS. I did so well earlier this summer but I fell off the wagon when I started back to work. I have been trying to kick this habit my whole life and I think I am finally making some headway! The trick so far is keeping my nails painted as well as repainting often. I seem to slip up when the polish starts chipping and I am tempted to pick it off. It eventually spirals into biting so I have to keep my nails fully lacquered 24/7. Hopefully, I'll get to point where it is no longer an unconscious habit and I won't be constantly painting my nails. Till then, maybe it means I need to treat myself to new color every once in awhile?

2. Speaking of rain, I have wearing my Bean boots constantly. They are the perfect shoe for nasty weather. I would love to add to my cute camp sock collection. Just something fun to spice things up. J. Crew always has really cute ones. 

3. I may be the only one out there saying this, but I love daylight savings. I love the dark evenings. It makes our house seem so cozy and inviting. I may change my tune come January but as of now, I am going to enjoy it. 

Have a great weekend!

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