Monday, November 30, 2015

Last Bit of Autumn

I really wanted to do a cute little shoot with the last of our pumpkins before I moved on to Christmas decorations. Sadly, my camera died mid shoot and I really didn't get any good shots. I almost decided to call it quits and then I remembered that I have a phone. Technology is really amazing these days. I know that in a lot of ways it has made our lives more complicated but I think it does enrich our daily experiences in some ways. Like the ease that I can shoot and edit these photos. A couple of clicks with my camera app followed by few taps and a VSCO filter and I had these. 
Some times I wonder if the ease with which we create takes away some of the specialness of the creative endeavor. Since so many people have access to the same technology and it is relatively easy to use, does it make the outcomes less special? People are taking photos and making videos more than every before. As technology advances, it becomes cheaper and more available. The lines between amateurs and professionals are slowing blurring. Are we seeing an increase in expressions of creativity or a dilution of it?   
Maybe technology just enables more people to dabble in creative projects. I wouldn't consider myself an artist or a "creator." I am a hobbyist at best. I enjoy the ease that my phone lets me capture pictures like these and I have gotten somewhat decent at composing a shot but I know that I don't hold a candle to a lot of photographers out there. For me, I am excited about the new possibilities that technology offers. I should probably just learn to sit back and enjoy it. 
Have a good Monday!

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