Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Style: A Small Attempt

Here it is, guys. An outfit post. I know I am going to look back at this and cringe big time. Ha!
Part of the reason I started this blog is because I have been a big fan of blogs for a long time. I got into fashion blogs in 2009. I stumbled across the idea of blogging after browsing through Chictopia (anybody remember that?) There were a few girls on Chictopia that I loved to check out regularly so when I found out that they had their own sites, I just cut out the middle man. Sorry, Chictopia. One of my earliest follows was A Clothes Horse. She was and still is inspiring. I never knew people actually dressed like that! Her vintage style and plethora of dresses was so different from my normal fair of jeans and cardigans. It was eye opening.
Her style is always adorable but what is more amazing is her photography skills. She takes most all of her own photos using a tripod and a self-timer. I am constantly blown away by her skill level. Some of her shoots are editorial quality. I can always count on her for inspiration.
While my photos are not nearly as amazing as hers, I really enjoyed taking them. It is so nice to carve out a little time on a gloriously sunny to do something creative. I'll be back at work cleaning out the freezer here soon, but for a little bit I got to play. Hopefully, this playing will eventually turn into something cool but as for now, I am just going to revel in the dorkiness and go with it.

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