Thursday, November 5, 2015

Give Thanks

Now that we are officially in the month of November, it is time to turn our focus to Thanksgiving.  If you thought I was going to say Christmas, you don't know me at all. I feel like Thanksgiving gets overlooked. It's not as flashy as Halloween or Christmas. There are no presents associated with it. Other than eating a big and delicious meal and maybe watching a parade, there really isn't much that happens on Thanksgiving. It is an important historical holiday but it can also serve as good time to recalibrate. Setting aside a day to be thankful is a great to maintain perspective. Thanksgiving is aptly situated right before Christmas, a time of year heavily marked by consumerism. Would our shopping patterns and Christmas lists be different if we spent more time counting our blessings on Thanksgiving? Maybe or maybe not. It probably wouldn't hurt, though.
So to get myself in the mindset of thankfulness, each day I am going identify something I am thankful for and pray about that thing. For me, as a Christian, it is important to recognize that all good things come from God and He deserve my thanks and praise. It is not a radical notion but I hope it will do me some good. It is something that I really should be doing every day of the year. Maybe it will stick after doing it for a month.
Join in, if you would like. I probably won't be putting it out on social media, at least not everyday. I don't want that to become my driving motivation. This is mainly just a chance to be mindful and intentional about the everyday things in my life.

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