Monday, November 2, 2015

Over the Weekend: Halloween

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Our festivities were dampened by a little by sickness, but it did not stop us from getting dressed up. For Baby's first Halloween, I decided I would try to make a cute little bird costume. He always has his frog Wubbanub in his mouth so I thought a little bird chomping down on a frog would be hilarious. I wanted to make his costume, first to save money and secondly because I enjoy the creative process. I don't know if it was much cheaper but I know I enjoyed the experience. I found the hoodie/zip up combo on for $18. The felt for the beak, eyes and feathers cost $2 at Hobby Lobby. Overall, I didn't sink too much money into the costume and I love that it gave me an excuse to break out my sewing stuff.
Since I never pass up on a chance for a costume, I was a bird watcher (every baby bird needs someone to look after it). My outfit consisted of some work pants, one of Scott's flannels and his duck hunting hat. I also had a backpack and a pair of binoculars that were not pictured.  It was all rather silly and low key but I loved every minute of it. The night ended with some candy in bed while the sick husband watched some 30 Rock. A Halloween for the record books, folks.

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